About CoreStrategy Corporation


CoreStrategy Corporation is a national senior executive commercial real estate strategy and execution firm that exclusively represents Tenants of mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies throughout North America, Mexico and Canada. We are not brokers. Our professionals are licensed, thirty-year experienced corporate real estate strategists who at no direct cost, use commercial real estate and large corporate lease initiatives to increase EBITDA. Our senior strategists specialize in converting concealed transaction economics such as, the increase in building value resulting from your current and future corporate lease commitments, into multiple million dollar allocations consistently forfeited by Tenant-Companies represented by national real estate brokers and/or for fee Real Estate Developers.

Prior to engagement with any organization, we offer definitive case-studies and corresponding results related to each assignment. Additionally, each case-study is authenticated by our largest corporate clients who serve as willing ambassadors, affirming their having received 3X to as much as 15X the economic value, when comparing economic outcomes produced by their former incumbent national real estate broker.

Representing over half the Fortune 1000, our professional advisers and affiliate partner expertise includes strategy and execution related to large corporate lease renewals, corporate facility relocations, acquisitions, expansions, consolidations, multi-facility portfolio management and design/construction & development initiatives that result in functional solutions supported by highly discounted contract structures that increase EBITDA and help fund other major business initiatives.

Our corporate mandate requires every client assignment be teamed with professionals possessing no less than thirty-years of demonstrated superior performance in their respective discipline. This requirement demonstrates a fundamental commitment to higher competency standards supported by professionals with decades of experience and highly developed intuitive strategic aptitudes. This raises performance expectations, which results in higher quality professionals producing measurably superior outcomes on behalf of our clients.

Over the past twenty-four years, CoreStrategy’s service professionals and affiliated companies have delivered more than $14.5 billion in credits, economic incentives, concessions, corporate facility related cost reductions and unexpected cash allocations on behalf of mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies throughout the world. CoreStrategy Corporation offers services in over 255 locations in 40 countries and more than 60 cities throughout the U.S.



The CoreStrategy Corporation business model was conceived from collective input provided by an Executive Board of CEO’s and CFO’s working for middle market and Fortune 1000 companies from around the country. Our efforts focused on two fundamental objectives. First, to establish a tenant focused advisory firm comprised of the industry’s top senior executive talent, hence a mandate to embrace and maintain competency standards unmatched throughout the industry. Second, to integrate and commission that talent to provide a broad range of corporate facility, business operation and financial structure solutions that result in dramatic cost savings, increased efficiencies and improved EBITDA.


We are a team of senior corporate executive professionals each possessing thirty- to forty-years of specialized experience, many having earned advanced degrees. Our professionals come from diverse backgrounds that include former Chief Executive Officers,  Chief Financial Officers, Senior Logistics and Operations experts, Capital Markets, Bondable Lease and Commercial & Industrial Real Estate specialists all having worked for or on behalf of middle market and Fortune 1000 companies throughout the world. Our advisers have strong professional reputations and long histories of demonstrated experience producing optimal corporate facility and business operations solutions that dramatically improve company profitability. We are experienced, strategic, innovative and driven.


We exclusively represent corporate real estate occupants/tenants and specialize in delivering facility related lease, purchase and finance structures that materially increase EBITDA and improve profitability. This is achieved through delivery of fully integrated real estate services, including: Strategic Planning, Transaction Management, Facility Acquisition, Lease Renewals and Renegotiation, Construction and Design Management, General and Administrative Cost Reduction, Workforce & Location Planning, Subleases and Dispositions, Portfolio/Lease Administration, Capital Markets, CTL/Bondable Leases, Sustainability, Industrial Logistics/Supply Chain and Building Analytics.


Our Executive Partners and Senior Independent Advisers all have long-standing careers of demonstrated superior performance, not only with CoreStrategy but with other highly respected firms throughout the country. Our people have been operators, entrepreneurs, investors and have built businesses themselves. With a company imposed mandate requiring a minimum thirty-years of specialized professional experience, our education and professional competency standards are among the highest in the industry.


Our value lies in our ability and track record of having produced unexpected corporate facility solutions while realizing significant savings and increased profitability for organizations similar to yours. Our clients hire us because we reveal opportunities and produce outcomes our clients have neither the time, resources, nor experience to attain on their own. We are a performance based organization founded on the fundamental principal that higher standards and uncompromising values attract the nations top professional talent, which in turn results in superior outcomes for our clients. This standard is further evidenced in our belief that our client’s interest is best served when consideration for the results we attain, be paid solely from the increase in economic benefits we secure. This provides only upside to our clients and aligns with our promise to remove financial risk, deliver results and build trust.